QR Codes

So you came across something that looks a bit like a cross between a barcode and that white snow you used to see on television and you’re wondering what it’s all about? These are called QR codes and they are similar to barcodes in that you can scan them to access information. But they offer a lot more possibilities than barcodes ever did. You see, barcodes could only encode numbers, whereas QR codes offer the ability to embed website URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, and any other types of links.

For the Mobile Learning Share Fair you’ll see these in locations throughout the venue as well as printed in the program and on our website here. Any smartphone with a camera and compatible app can read them (iPhone, iPod Touch, 2nd generation iPads, and many Android devices). Open your application (see list below for a few options) and scan the code, which will fire up your browser and send you to your destination.

Want to make your own QR codes? Head over to QRStuff where you can input all kinds of information and it will generate a code for you to use. We’re excited by the possibilities these offer for quickly grabbing information on mobile devices on the fly.

Applications that support QR Codes:

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